3 Energetic shifts and practical steps you need to make your first $10k month as a coach

This is exactly how I made $11,575 in two weeks for the first time and have continued to grow my income since

Hi! I am Dihessa, and I am an immigrant from Togo ( West Africa) in the Unites States. Growing up, I never thought in my wildest dreams that making this kind of money, let alone virturally, online was possible. The best part, this work really uplifts my soul! I am excited to share the how with you! In this class: 

  • I share the 3 major beliefs that I had to change to make crossing the 10k threshold possible online. 
  • Discover the one thing that you are tolerating in your life right now that will keep high paying clients far, far away from you ( and how you can change it ) 
  • You will get the exact steps that I took online to go from unknown to getting paying clients within just a couple of months ( you learn how to create your own aligned step by step)
  • Uncover the essential energetic shift necessary in your body for you to take focused action that will put you in front of your soul's clients ( I will share exactly what I do to energetically become a magnet to paying clients) 


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